• Leading Libyan Group With an International Scale

    in Food & Drink Distribution

  • Leading Libyan Group With an International Scale

    In Construction & Cement

  • Leading Libyan Group With an International Scale

    In Banking , Finance & Trade

  • Leading Libyan Group With an International Scale

    In Shipping

    Dawadi Group

    Group Presentation

    Dawadi group is a privately owned and diversified group with more than 40 years of experience, mainly anchored in trade & distribution, construction & real state, banking & finance and shipping. 

    Dedication with long term commitment creates leadership. Therefore, we carefully select the sectors we invest in, The multinational partners we work with and the human capital with the teams we delegate to. We partner with groups such as Lactalis, Total, Saida Group, Haier etc. The brands we represent and create are leaders in their segments.

    More than 1000 colleagues

    Colleagues are cooperating in order to achieve the goals of Dawadi Group.

    More Than 700 M Lyd In Turnover

    Group's Turnover increasing in yearly basis.

    More Than 5 Countries

    Offices in Tripoli, Benghazi, Tunis, Dubaï, Split etc

    More Than 30 Companies.

    Companies owned by Dawadi group in different sectors.

    Dawadi Group

    Group Divisions

    Food Distribution

    Food importation and distribution are the first and oldest activities of Dawadi Group. The group became a leader in this sector by investing massively in warehouses and logistics in order to ensure a daily presence in Libyan market.

    Construction And Real Estate

    Dawadi group owns 4 companies in this sector, NRIC is the leading construction company based in Tripoli. It is specialized in materials production, roads, civil works and housing. It has a production capacity of 360T/h of asphalt and 100m3/h of concrete.

    Cement Distribution And Investment

    Dawadi group imports cement from CEMEX group, COLACEM, Heidelberg, and is the main controller of cement import and distribution in Libya. Moreover, it has acquired an ideal location with strong limestone reserves in preparation for investment in cement production and storage.

    Automotive Lubricants And Oil Equipments

    Official distributor of TOTAL Lubricants, Attanmia Oil equipment company is also active in pipelines. Other companies owned by the group work in the field of importing equipment and services in the oil sector, in addition to importing Automobiles and farming equipments.

    Home Appliances And Ceramic

    Attanmia for building materials is the exclusive distributor for Marazzi ceramic, Ideal standard, Jacob delafon, Thompson and Haier for home appliances and consumer electronics. Other companies in the same field are cooperating together in the aim of leading the sector in Libyan market.

    Banking, Finance And Trade

    Dawadi Group is the main shareholder of the Libyan Islamic Bank (LIB). Dawadi group also owns multiple trade finance and trade companies in different countries to facilitate trade operations.


    Dawadi Group leads the marine field in Libya, it owns vessels with commercial and technical management offices, aiming to perform marine transportation work for the group favor or for others, and other companies serve various marine supply activities.


    Dawadi Group is the main shareholder and investor in the import and distribution agent companies, AlSabbar for pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical and Noor al Amana for pharmaceutical and medical devices.

    International Partnerships And Negotiation

    Dawadi group is partnering with the strategy and M&A consultancy Afkar I.D. to assess, screen and negotiate new partnerships and expand existing ones.

    Our Vision And Success Factors

    We bring what companies around the world have best to offer in terms of knowhow and expertise.

    We root our behaviors and decisions in values of integrity, commitment, trust, and empowering our colleagues and management.

    We provide a long term vision for each sector and partnership we choose to become leaders in all sectors we integrate.

    Being involved in different sectors: construction, real estate, food distribution, finance etc...

    Selecting the right partners, the right human capital and the appropriate timing.

    Testing the market by entering the risky part of the supply chain and investing if the experiment is proven successful.

    We Look At The Businesses Differently

    Word of the Founder and Chairman - Dawadi Group

    We are guided with the same principles and values that propped me into entrepreneurship: trust, honesty, integrity, and the core belief that human capital and long term partnerships are the key enablers of success. As a result, DAWADIGROUP is now a leading Libyan group with international scale committed to invest and grow.
    Abdulbaset Dawadi